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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Model Han Hyun Min's secret to his 189 cm height is ramen?

Article: 189 cm Han Hyun Min "I grew tall eating ramen"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+215, -5] Just proves that it doesn't matter how hard you try to grow taller, it's all in your genes... Normally if you eat ramen like that, you're supposed to grow horizontally, not vertically... lucky him..

2. [+128, -2] Height depends on genes so it doesn't really matter what you eat during your growth spurt. Those with the tall genes will keep getting taller while those without will grow out the sides..

3. [+116, -9] I like seeing him

4. [+15, -1] Height and skin are all about your genes

5. [+12, -0] Yup, height is something you're born with

6. [+10, -0] He didn't grow taller by eating ramen, he was already born with the tall and skinny genes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+10, -0] Yup, height is genes so stop trying so hard guys

8. [+9, -0] ㅋㅋ Height is purely genes. You could have a guy stay up all night playing games and barely eating and he'll still grow up tall if he has the genes for it ㅋㅋ

9. [+7, -2] I heard that food is responsible for only about 10 cm of your total height. A person with 160 cm genes can grow taller up to 170 cm with the right food but they'll never grow to be 180 cm if it isn't in their genes.

10. [+6, -0] Height are genes


Daesung revealed to have been temporarily hospitalized during service

Article: [Exclusive] Big Bang Daesung hospitalized during army service... reason not given

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+1,706, -144] It's hard to call this a coincidence when GD was hospitalized too

2. [+1,375, -107] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1,011, -147] Whatever the reason, I hope he gets better soon and completes his service healthily

4. [+104, -12] He's framing the picture for a medical discharge

5. [+94, -11] Seems like he's trying to measure out the timing?

6. [+87, -13] YG, seriously.. do they think netizens are fools? I knew stuff like this was already calculated in when they said they were going to enlist active duty.. from GD to Daesung now..

7. [+79, -7] This is so obvious...

8. [+72, -4] Celebrities = disabled

9. [+67, -5] Laughable ㅋㅋ

10. [+50, -6] As if the army is harder than those concerts they do for money. How can they have the energy for all those concerts but they can barely last in the army ㅜ I don't get it;;


Source: Naver

1. [+170, -18] Maybe he was hospitalized and discharged over something that wasn't a big deal so please stop assuming things and blowing this out of proportion

2. [+163, -40] You should be hating on the army for getting him physically hurt, why direct the hate at Daesung? My friend had a medical discharge for issues with his spine and I went to the hospital a lot during my service too.

3. [+120, -8] He was hospitalized quietly and he's out now so what's the deal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+67, -5] Daesung don't be hurt, stay healthy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+63, -4] So many people starting rumors every time they go to the hospital ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so pathetic ㅋㅋㅋ people hate when they serve active duty, hate whenever there's an inch of reason for doubt. I hope all of you haters get a boomerang back.

6. [+25, -1] He was already discharged and returned to his unit but look at the media still giving it attention, how tiring for celebrities

7. [+19, -0] Nothing wrong with going to the hospital if you're really sick, and he's already returned to his unit so I don't know why the media is insisting on reporting it... just another reason to hate?

8. [+21, -3] I love how men are always saying you should try to get out of service however way you can but they're so strict when it comes to celebrities ㅋㅋㅋ who cares if he was hospitalized? As long as he completes his service in the end, what's it to you?

9. [+15, -0] I'm glad he was discharged from the hospital but I hope he doesn't get hurt...

10. [+14, -1] The media just wants Big Bang to get a medical discharge so they can get hate like Lee Joon and Im Seulong ㅋㅋㅋ It's not too late to hate on them when they leave in the middle like Lee Joon and Im Seulong


Article: Marijuana TOP and GD and Daesung's health issues, hiccups in Big Bang's army service

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+2,234, -143] It's funny how they have no problem flying around on stage but they act like their bodies are made of glass once they're in the army

2. [+1,903, -130] They're trying really hard to get out of this, aren't they... although I'm sure they had no problem hanging out all night when they were free

3. [+1,606, -176] My own 5 and 3 year old sons didn't need to be hospitalized for laryngitis, why is a healthy young man being hospitalized for that;;

4. [+85, -6] They're just getting ready for the big picture ㅎㅎ

5. [+83, -7] I really don't get it, why do they all get sick only in the army ㅋㅋㅋ try and follow at least half of the example Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Taecyeon have led

6. [+82, -3] We are witnessing the magic of men who are able to fly on stage become physically disabled in the army

7. [+51, -7] Celebrities treat the army like it's some virus, they automatically get sick once they enlist

8. [+44, -2] Really weird. My son is active duty and also has laryngitis and had to get a CT scan because of how bad his migraines were. He's been on three different medications because none of them have been working and it's been half a month and they still didn't hospitalize him... ㅠ I guess celebrities get exceptions?


Article: Big Bang G-Dragon -> Daesung, hospitalized during service... why?

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+256, -28] Why give these guys hate for going to the hospital when they're sick? There's nothing stupider than acting like you're too good for the hospital and then getting discharged with your body ruined. When you're sick, you should do everything you can to get it treated.

2. [+86, -7] They went to the hospital because they were sick, stop getting it twisted.. should celebrities just hold it in?

3. [+51, -3] What's up with all these rumors when he was already returned to his unit? He should take care of his body, no one's going to take care of him if something goes wrong permanently

4. [+43, -4] Why is this in the media..

5. [+38, -2] He was already returned to his unit and there are accounts saying he's back to service just fine, stop making up whatever you're imagining. It's almost like you guys want him to drop out into public service.

6. [+10, -4] You guys are going to hell for saying all this about someone who's sick

7. [+8, -3] So what if he went to the hospital, he has every right to... so what!!

8. [+8, -4] Not this again tsk tsk why is it that it seems like all celebrity men are just a group of men who are weak and sick somewhere that doesn't show until they're in the army


Source: Naver

1. [+203, -4] Seems the media is all trying to bait us into thinking something?

2. [+148, -15] He was treated for two days for laryngitis but of course people will make up rumors saying he's trying to get out of his service. I guess celebrities should just get sick and die instead of going to get treated.

3. [+135, -27] There were already articles saying he was hospitalized for two days for laryngitis. Please stop acting like he's going to drop out into public service before he actually does. Daesung has already had a weak throat and he's been getting consistent treatment for it before enlisting. GD also injured his ankle before and it never really recovered. You guys never cared about this stuff until they joined the army so please stop talking if you don't know all the facts.

4. [+109, -19] Funny ㅋ other soldiers go to the hospital a lot too, it's not just Big Bang. The media needs to stop.

5. [+5, -0] He's already back in his unit so stop the rumors


Soyeon shares a selca update for the first time in a while

Article: "How are you?" Soyeon updates for the first time in a while since leaving T-ara

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+377, -31] She needs to wear smaller circle lens, her eyes look like alien eyes ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+282, -15] Can't tell if her picture's photoshopped or she really looks that different, I just can't recognize her

3. [+254, -17] She's changed a lot

4. [+21, -5] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Poor her getting dumped by this guy and that

5. [+16, -3] Didn't even know she left...

6. [+12, -0] I noticed people who mess with their jaws end up with lips that look like that ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+7, -0] Do people even wear lenses like that anymore?

8. [+6, -1] That photoshop ㅋㅋㅋ look at the stripes under her neck ㅋㅋ

9. [+5, -1] I wonder why Korean women all get the same type of surgery... I'm sure there are different ways to look prettier in a way that sets you apart from others but everyone has this face;;;

10. [+4, -0] That aegyo filler in her undereyes


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jun Jong Seo explains she was upset over a personal matter the day of her airport controversy

Article: Jun Jong Seo, "The day of my airport attitude controversy, I was crying over a personal matter... I don't think I did something wrong"

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+759, -84] So she admits she shouldn't have acted like that but doesn't think it was wrong? What is she even saying? Just say bye to your career

2. [+699, -51] Well she didn't do anything wrong but you have to admit that her attitude had issues...

3. [+614, -57] She's crazy?

4. [+60, -16] She's making a dangerous statement here... Being humble is a must unless she's choosing to end her career with this one movie alone. So what she's basically saying is that she was in a bad mood over a personal matter but reporters were taking her pictures so she just defended herself and she sees no wrong in what she did and therefore won't be apologizing... That's super arrogant of her.

5. [+58, -2] How is anyone else supposed to know that she was crying over a personal matter... It'd be a problem if the reporters weren't supposed to be there but they were. She could've handled this better. Instead of arguing whether what she did was right or wrong, she could've just explained how she was feeling and promised to do better next time. Instead, saying she's "not wrong" and pushing forward like she has nothing to lose isn't the way to go in my opinion...

6. [+34, -1] I'll usually defend celebrities in situations like because I don't think they have an obligation to be smiling 24/7, which is why I'll never understand people who give Irene or Jessica so much crap over their facial expressions... but this is a bit of a different situation. Go look at her pictures or her videos... her facial expression was straight up "ugh f*ck stop taking pictures of me you idiots"... Every feeling of arrogance and frustration could be read on her face.

7. [+33, -12] You're a public figure, act like one. The public can only see what is shown on the outside...

8. [+25, -6] She should still know to differentiate how she should be behaving in public and private~

9. [+24, -3] The impression she gives off just looks super stubborn and rude to begin with~~ a movie star's role is working with the public and being able to connect with them in a way that's relatable, she totally missed the mark

10. [+23, -2] She literally could've ended this whole thing by just saying: "I behaved that way because I was upset over a personal matter. I promise to handle myself more carefully in the future." Instead she's acting so tryhard and arrogant... she needs to hit rock bottom before she learns.

11. [+20, -3] Other celebrities are professional enough to still be smiling and getting on stage to sing even after suffering the loss of a loved one. She was better off not giving this interview at all.

12. [+18, -1] If she was crying, at least put on sunglasses. What was she hiding herself like that for? ㅋㅋ Honestly, I do understand not wanting your picture taken after you've been crying and looking horrid but the way she's handling this and her behavior in this whole mess isn't looking very mature.


Article: 'Burning' Jun Jong Seo, "I felt flustered by my attitude controversy... I hope people are more accepting of differences"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+404, -32] Aren't you a public figure? Even if you had a personal matter that made you sad or mad, why should the public have to be understanding of that? And if you don't think how you behaved was wrong, then you need to quit your job and go back to being a non-celebrity.

2. [+370, -23] Her character can be read all over her ugly face

3. [+335, -20] Then she should walk around with a post-it that says "I cried" written on her face. How is the public supposed to know that she was dealing with a personal matter?

4. [+34, -1] Normal people at work deal with personal matters too but they don't sit there frowning in front of their co-workers. You're an actress whose job is to stand in front of cameras, how could you act like that? You must think that you look so cool right now with how haughty you're being but you just look immature.

5. [+29, -1] Kids like her who act however they want always say the same thing: accept us for our differences... But that's not a difference, that's just a demand for you to live however you want. Go live in the wild though instead of trying to live with the rest of us in society...


Bang Shi Hyuk named 'International Power Player' by Billboard

Article: 'BTS discoverer' Bang Shi Hyuk named 'international power player' by America's Billboard

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+796, -24] Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young... menboong

2. [+782, -30] The problem with SM, JYP, and YG was that they forced their Korean singers to advance into America with American style songs which ruined the original merit of the artist. Bang Shi Hyuk, however, kept putting out albums in BTS style until it was America that invited them over. That was the right answer all along.

3. [+611, -9] Congratulations to the father of BTS, PD Bang Shi Hyuk~

4. [+64, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and that makes Big Hit the most famous Korean entertainment company in the world

5. [+61, -1] A conversation between Bang Shi Hyuk and Park Jin Young:
Bang: Hyung! I've recently started my own management company and am trying to train my own artists, please give me some advice!
Park: Shi Hyuk-ah, you're a composer, I'd rather stick to talking about music than business with you.
In the end, Park Jin Young was never able to earn the results that Bang Shi Hyuk has with BTS.

6. [+56, -1] I actually think it's great that such a group has come from a different agency that isn't the top 3. Other agencies are busy spinning their schedules in varieties and dramas and rushing song comebacks while BTS limits varieties and individual promos and gives them free creative control of their music.

7. [+48, -2] All of the people who invested in Bang Shi Hyuk before BTS was even a thing said they did so because of Bang Shi Hyuk alone. He was already known by everyone to be super transparent and clean with his money, which is why they trusted him.

8. [+34, -2] I didn't find out until recently that he composed 'Like being shot by a gun' too.. ㅋㅋ when he texted Jin if he was having fun the day BTS went to the Billboards, he sounded like a father telling his son to enjoy his time on his school trip.

9. [+28, -1] In reality, you could combine Lee Soo Man, Park Jin Young, and Yang Hyun Suk and < Bang Shi Hyuk

10. [+25, -2] Big Hit truly became a worldwide big hit ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+24, -2] Probably feels as good as winning the lottery

12. [+21, -0] Bang Shi Hyuk is writing a new page in history for K-Pop. This is something that Koreans should be praising instead of letting your blindness by jealousy drag his efforts down.